Google Search Console is a powerful tool that helps website owners and webmasters to gain insight into how their site performs in the Google search results. Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about Google Search Console.

Show Google Search Console All searches?

Google Search Console Do not show all individual searches Those users have performed to find your site. However, it does give an overview of the Can everyone use Google Search Console?  

yes, Google Search Console is free and available for anyone who has a website. You must be the owner or manager of the website to add the site to Search Console and access the data.

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What is the difference between impressions and clicks in Google Search Console?

  • impressions: This refers to the number of times a page of your website is shown in Google's search results , regardless of whether it was actually clicked on.
  • clicks: This is the number of times that people have actually clicked on a link to your website in The search results.

what are impressions vs click vs views?  

  • Impressions: The total number of times your site is displayed in search results.
  • click: the total number of times that actually there On your site is clicked from search results.
  • views: The total number of times that pages of your site are displayed in search results.

What is a good average position in Google Search Console?

a good average position varies depending on the specific keywords and the competition in your industry. In general, websites strive for an average position closer to 1, which means that they appear higher in the search results. However, it is important to remember that the average position is not the only criterion for search performance. It's all about reaching the right target group and attracting relevant clicks to your website.