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#1 Off Plan Lead Generation Agency Reveals the "Roadshow Automation Program" to Generate High-Quality Leads — Without Wasting Money on Low-Converting Ads.

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From the desk of Rens Hageman
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
June 16th 2024

Dear Ambitious Real Estate Professional,

If you’ve been struggling with generating off-plan leads and feel like you’re hitting a wall, despite your best efforts…

Even if you’re experienced in the industry and have tried every trick in the book…

And you want to turn things around without huge risk or extensive trial and error…

Then the program I’m about to share with you could be the breakthrough you’ve been desperately looking for.

Here’s why:

From working with several real estate agencies in Dubai, I learned a few things.

Generating leads for the off-plan industry is hard.

Often, the quality of leads generated from Facebook ads is rather poor, and leads hop from agency to agency.

Let me explain why.

With off-plan properties, it’s challenging to differentiate your offerings.

Normally, because the building is not yet finished, you rely on renders and marketing materials provided by the real estate developer.

However, those renders and materials are provided to all of your competitors too, resulting in everything looking the same.

When you advertise like that, you're expecting everybody to be 'Ready To Buy'.


Only 3% of the audience you're targeting is ready to buy RIGHT NOW...

And ALL OF YOUR competitors, including the big companies with big budgets, are after this tiny 3% too. 

How do I say this politely?

Well, screw that...

You don't stand a f*cking chance!

The Larger Market Formula UAE

Now let’s take a look at the larger market… 

Besides the tiny 3% that are ready to buy, you’re overlooking 97% (!) of potential buyers!

You see, right underneath the top of the pyramid, opportunities are cooking too.

This is what that looks like in numbers.

  • 17% of your audience is Actively Interested. These people are problem-aware and looking for information. Chances are they already got in touch with another agency. However, you still have a good chance to win their attention and trust.
  • 20% of your audience is Passively Interested. These people are aware of their need but are not yet taking action. This is where your primary focus should be.
  • 60% of your audience is Unaware. These people might not yet know about their need, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. This is where you can introduce them to it while gaining their trust and building a relationship inside their head.

When I realised this, I thought to myself, there must be a better way.

That’s when I started to attend to physical roadshows.

Roadshows are already a much better way of generating leads because you create the opportunity to establish a relationship with people. However, I recognized several downsides to these events:

  • They’re high in costs (renting a venue, catering, etc.).
  • Organizing takes a lot of time and effort.
  • You never know how many people will actually show up and what their intentions are.
  • It’s a one-time event. Once it’s over, you need to do it all over again if you want to generate similar results.

That’s when I sat down with my team and said: We’re going to solve the two biggest problems real estate agencies in the UAE are coping with, and we’re going to be the #1 Off-Plan Lead Generation Agency in the world.

4 months later, Roadshow Automation was born…

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Make sure to act quickly as we can only work with a limited amount
of clients on this service to ensure exclusivity.

Helping you transform your real estate career by revealing what not to do... and then giving you the ultimate roadmap to dominate off-plan lead generation in the UAE.

Book a free "Roadshow Automation Demo Call" and discover…

  • Why traditional off-plan real estate marketing is failing you and what you can do to change it. Discover why the old methods aren't working and how to pivot your strategy for better results.
  • The 5 common mistakes that keep real estate agencies stuck fighting over the same 3% of ready-to-buy leads—and how to avoid them. Learn about the critical errors most agencies make and how you can steer clear of them to stand out from the competition.
  • How to attract a wide audience interested in off-plan real estate investment through targeted digital marketing efforts. Uncover strategies for drawing in prospects using advanced marketing tactics on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn.
  • The step-by-step process to educating your audience with high-value content, turning curiosity into serious consideration. See how to effectively inform and engage your audience, transforming interest into genuine investment readiness.
  • How to nurture relationships with prospects using automated follow-ups and additional resources, building trust and authority. Find out how to maintain and grow relationships with potential clients, keeping them engaged and moving closer to making a purchase.
  • The key strategies to converting interested viewers into committed buyers on autopilot. Learn the automation techniques that turn engaged viewers into loyal clients without constant manual effort.
  • The advantages of Roadshow Automation: sustainable investment, evergreen marketing, and adaptable scalability. Explore the long-term benefits of our system, from consistent lead generation to the ability to scale and adapt as needed.
  • How Roadshow Automation circumvents typical advertising restrictions, allowing precise targeting on platforms like Meta. Understand how our approach avoids common ad restrictions, enabling more effective and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • The proven steps to ensure your Roadshow Automation funnel remains relevant and effective, keeping you ahead of market trends. Get insights on maintaining the relevance and efficiency of your marketing funnel, ensuring continuous improvement and success.

The bottom line is:

Roadshow Automation is your toolkit to rise above the competition and dominate off-plan lead generation in the UAE...

...In record time.

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Make sure to act quickly as we can only work with a limited amount
of clients on this service to ensure exclusivity.

Here's what you get inside the roadshow Automation Program

Done For You

Our Roadshow Automation Program is a fully DoneFor You Service.

Unique Approach

One size does not fit all. We treat you and youraudience as unique, because you are.

Untapped Method

This method is untapped, based on proven strategies an real results

The breakdown

A breakdown of all the value you get to set you up for success

Webinar Production

Our team handles almost every aspect of the webinar production, from concept to content guidance. We'll help you create engaging, high-quality webinars that capture your audience's attention and drive conversions. All you need to do is give is the input that you want to cover, and prepare to be on camera on the day of the shooting.

Webinar Recording

We provide professional webinar recording services to ensure your message is polished and impactful. Our team will guide you through the process, making it easy to deliver your message effectively.

Webinar Editing

Post-production is key to a seamless webinar experience. Our expert editors will refine your recordings, adding visual enhancements and ensuring a smooth, professional final product.

Webinar Automation

Set it and forget it. Our automation tools allow your webinars to run on autopilot, engaging and educating your audience around the clock without you having to lift a finger.

HVCO Creation

High-Value Content Offers (HVCOs) are essential for capturing leads and attracting eyes to your webinar. We'll help you create compelling HVCOs that resonate with your audience and entice them to take action.

Email Copywriting (20+ emails)

Effective follow-up is crucial for nurturing leads. We provide expertly crafted email sequences—over 20 emails tailored to your campaign—that keep your audience engaged and moving through the sales funnel.

Automation Infrastructure setup

We build a robust automation infrastructure to support your campaigns. This includes integrating various tools and platforms to ensure everything works seamlessly together.

Behavior Based Lead Insights

Gain deep insights into your leads' behavior with our advanced tracking and analytics. Understand how your audience interacts with your content and tailor your approach for maximum impact.

CRM Integration

Streamline your lead management process with CRM integration. We'll ensure your Customer Relationship Management system is fully integrated with your lead generation efforts, making it easy to track and nurture leads.

Ads Campaigns Setup

Our team will set up targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google to attract the right audience to your webinars. We handle all the technical details to ensure your ads are optimized for success.

Ads Campaigns Management

Continuous optimisation is key to effective advertising. We manage your ad campaigns, monitoring performance and making adjustments to maximise your ROI.

Reporting and Dashboarding

Stay informed with comprehensive monthly reports and dashboards. We provide detailed insights into your campaign performance, so you always know what’s working and where there’s room for improvement.

Bi-weekly Call w/ Success Manager

Set it and forget it. Our automation tools allow your webinars to run on autopilot, engaging and educating your audience around the clock without you having to lift a finger.

Free demo call

Book your free Roadshow Automation Demo Call today!

The breakdown

Play the Long Game: Your Roadmap to Off Plan Real Estate Success

Navigating the complex landscape of off-plan real estate marketing requires a strategic approach and precise execution.

To truly compete with the big players and win big, you need to commit to playing the long game.

Our Roadshow Automation Program is designed to help you do just that, with a structured journey that optimises your lead generation efforts and drives measurable results.

The program begins with an intensive setup period, followed by a six-month cooperation phase to ensure sustained success.

If our partnership proves successful, we'll continue working together to further enhance and scale your business.

Here’s a detailed timeline of what you can expect as we transform your real estate business and help you achieve your goals.

Week 1
Kick Off & Content Guidance
We begin with a comprehensive kickoff meeting to align on goals, expectations, and timelines. During this week, we provide detailed content guidance, helping you outline the key messages and structure of your webinar. This includes identifying your target audience, defining your unique value proposition, and crafting compelling content that will engage and convert viewers.
Week 2
Webinar Shoot
In the second week, we move into the production phase with the recording of your webinar. Our professional team will assist with everything from setting up the shoot location to ensuring optimal lighting and sound quality. We’ll guide you through the presentation, ensuring you feel confident and prepared to deliver your message effectively.
Week 3-5
Editing & Infrastructure Setup
Once the webinar is recorded, our expert editors will begin refining the footage, adding visual enhancements, and ensuring a seamless final product. Simultaneously, our technical team will set up the automation infrastructure, integrating all necessary tools and platforms. This includes configuring your CRM, setting up automated email sequences, and preparing your ads for launch.
Week 6
Pre-Launch Preparations
During this final setup week, we conduct a thorough review of all campaign elements. We perform final checks on the webinar, automation systems, and ad campaigns to ensure everything is optimized and ready for launch.
month 1
Launch (6-month period starts)
The first month marks the official launch of your Roadshow Automation campaign. Your webinar goes live, and the six-month period of active lead generation begins. Our automated systems start attracting, engaging, and converting leads, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
month 2
First Evaluation
At the end of the second month, we conduct ath or ough evaluation of the campaign's initial performance. This includes analyzing key metrics such as lead volume, conversion rates, and engagement levels. We’ll provide you with a detailed report and discuss action able insights to optimize the campaign moving forward.
month 3
Budget Call
At the beginning of the third month, we have a budget call to review the campaign's financial performance and discuss any necessary adjustments. This meeting ensures that your ad spend is being used effectively and that we’re maximizing your return on investment. We’ll also consider any changes in market conditions or business priorities that might impact the campaign.
After month 6
Evaluation and Next Steps
Once the six-month period concludes, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the entire campaign. This includes assessing overall performance, identifying successes and areas for improvement, and determining the impact on your business goals. Based on these insights, we’ll discuss next steps, which could include renewing the campaign, scaling up efforts, or exploring new strategies to continue driving growth.


What is the Roadshow Automation Program?

The Roadshow Automation Program is a comprehensive lead generation solution designed for the (off-plan) real estate market. It combines webinar production, automation, and advanced marketing strategies to help you attract, engage, and convert leads over a six-month cooperation period.

How does Roadshow Automation differ from traditional lead generation methods?

Traditional methods often rely on outdated tactics and intense competition for the same small pool of ready-to-buy leads. Roadshow Automation leverages advanced automation, targeted marketing, and personalized content to engage a broader audience, nurture relationships, and convert leads on autopilot.

What happens after the initial six-month period?

If our cooperation is successful, we will continue working together to further enhance and scale your lead generation efforts, ensuring long-term growth and success.

What kind of support can I expect during the program?

You’ll have regular bi-weekly calls with your dedicated account manager, access to our exclusive community, and monthly reports to track progress and optimize strategies

How much does the Roadshow Automation Program cost?

The cost of the program varies based on your specific needs and goals. Book a free Demo with us so we can learn more about you specific situation and come up with pricing tailored to your requirements.

Are there any additional costs involved?

While the program covers most aspects of your lead generation campaign, there may be additional costs for ad spend, third party software licenses and any custom services beyond the scope of the initial agreement.

Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes, the initial contract period is six months. This duration allows us to set up, launch, and optimize your lead generation campaign effectively.

Can I cancel the program before the six-month period ends?

No, the six-month period is mandatory. This ensures we have adequate time to implement and optimize the strategies for the best results.

What’s included in the webinar production process?

Webinar production includes content guidance, professional recording, and expert editing to ensure a polished, engaging final product.

How does the webinar automation work?

Our automation tools allow your webinars to run on autopilot, engaging and educating your audience 24/7 without requiring your constant involvement.

How does the email copywriting service work?

Our team crafts over 20 personalized emails for your campaign, designed to nurture leads through the sales funnel and maintain engagement over time.

What is included in the monthly reporting and dashboarding?

Each month, you'll receive detailed reports and dashboards that provide insights into key metrics, campaign performance, and areas for optimization.

Book your free Roadshow Automation Demo Call now
Make sure to act quickly as we can only work with a limited amount
of clients on this service to ensure exclusivity.