What exactly does SimilarWeb do?

It allows users to easily view the reach, the ranking and involvement of a website. It converts raw data into fascinating website and so on, such as traffic sources, social traffic, organic versus paid search, related sites, and so on. It shows the website traffic for the past six months and presents worldwide results, American results with category ranking and target group distribution based on traffic sources.

new opportunities, such as partners , leads of affiliates. SimilarWeb is a powerful tool to get the online performance of keep track of your competitors. It offers detailed data on traffic, SEO, keywords, involvement and targeting, so that you can continue to run for competition and make informed decisions for your company. similarweb helps you to: to see which strategies your competitors use online. < /Div> Disadvantages of SimilarWeb The free version of the tool can only estimate the traffic for full months and cannot calculate specific dates. It also estimates the traffic for desktop and does not include mobile and tablet traffic. Moreover, it does not represent any unique visitors. Keep in mind that the traffic estimates must be used carefully, especially for smaller websites. to understand your target group and their browsing behavior. Conclusion to follow upcoming trends and new players in your industry. Your website to compare with competitors and industrial standards. advantages and disadvantages of Similarweb