About FieldCoins

FieldCoins is an innovative idea from Kelsey, Trust Marketing's recruitment manager. This app allows employees of Trust Marketing to save points for various rewards, which they can set as personal savings goals in the app.

Background information

The concept of FieldCoins began to take shape when Tico, a former employee of Trust Marketing, spoke to Kelsey during a conversation about his internship for his Software Engineering degree. Kelsey put him in touch with Rens, and together they were able to take the idea further.


The aim of the app is to promote recruitment at Trust Marketing, given the high flow of employees due to the student nature of the job. Through the app, employees are encouraged to do their best and work extra as they get closer to their savings goals.


The entire FieldCoins app was developed with custom code. This used 'Headless WooCommerce', where WooCommerce acts as the CMS, but all visual aspects were customised with the Angular framework. The app functions like a webshop, but instead of money, points are earned.

To allocate the points, several API connections were set up. This automation was essential, as Trust Marketing is a large company, and manually adding hundreds of new users daily and awarding points was not a viable option.

The final web app was transformed into a native app on the App Store and Play Store thanks to ShopApper, which acts as the "shell" for the web app.

Steps taken

Web development

Development began by creating a design, which was then modified based on feedback obtained to achieve the desired look. A prototype was then developed. Next, emphasis was placed on creating several pages with dummy data, including the store, dashboard and savings goals. The dashboard played a pivotal role here, as users can instantly see their progress here to encourage additional motivation.

Admin panel

A separate panel was developed for administrators, allowing them to manage products in the store, adjust employee points and process orders.

External database connection

A key connection was set up to pull all employee data from another company's HRM system. New employees automatically get an account with FieldCoins, and appropriate points are awarded based on work delivered.

Realization of the app

After all this development, a beautiful web app was created, which was then converted to a native app on the App Store and Play Store via ShopApper.

Final product

The result is an impressive app that brings together various aspects of web development. Thanks to automation, maintenance for the client is minimal. The app has been rolled out across almost the entire country and is being positively received in parts of the Netherlands.