After successfully redesigning the consumer portal, we embarked on a new venture: revamping the FD Portal for Financial Service Providers associated with Kifid.

Background information

The FD Portal plays a crucial role in facilitating interactions and dispute resolutions for Financial Service Providers within Kifid. However, like the consumer portal, it faced challenges in design coherence and user experience. Therefore, Kifid entrusted us with enhancing these aspects to align seamlessly with their brand identity and elevate user satisfaction.

Project Objectives

Our primary goal was to enhance the user experience within the FD Portal, focusing on Financial Service Providers seeking resolution for financial disputes. Key objectives included refining design elements, optimizing usability, and ensuring alignment with Kifid's brand guidelines.


We adopted a collaborative approach, starting with a comprehensive Design Workshop to align objectives and expectations. Leveraging the insights gathered, we conducted a structured Design Sprint, focusing on ideation and conceptualization. Following this, we executed two Build Sprints, each dedicated to refining and iterating upon the proposed designs.


Our solution entailed a complete redesign of the FD Portal, encompassing desktop, tablet, and mobile interfaces. Through close collaboration with Kifid's team, we developed responsive designs adhering to their brand guidelines, prioritizing usability and user experience. Prototypes were meticulously crafted, allowing iterative feedback and ensuring alignment with their vision.


We utilised Figma as our primary design tool, facilitating seamless collaboration and visualisation for both teams. Additionally, CSS, HTML, and prototyping techniques were employed to optimize the portal for search engines and ensure compatibility across devices.


The culmination of our efforts yielded a revamped FD Portal, meticulously crafted to meet Kifid's specifications and user expectations. The delivered product seamlessly integrates with existing systems and is poised for implementation by front-end developers. Notably, the new portal represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, boasting an aesthetically pleasing design coupled with enhanced usability and user experience. By aligning with Kifid's brand identity and addressing user needs, the revamped FD Portal is poised to streamline dispute resolution processes for Financial Service Providers, further cementing Kifid's commitment to excellence in financial mediation.