Pand 33 is a fine-dining restaurant in Utrecht, located on the Nieuwegracht in the premises of former restaurant De Artisjok. The big wish of Pieter and Ditmar, together accounting for 25 years of catering experience, to run their own restaurant as friends came true. With the help of Annelie and Niels, the four of them made it happen. Unforced hospitality, a menu with vegan, veggie, fish and meat dishes, right in the centre of Utrecht, attractively located on one of the canals, within walking distance of the Dom in Utrecht. That's what you can expect from an evening at Pand.

What was the clien's query?

There was a demand for a website that needed to be up-and-running quickly in order to take reservations well before the restaurant would open its doors.

What were the main objectives?

As speed of delivery was key, we set a hard deadline for the website to go live. The project had to be fully completed within this time frame. In addition, the goal was to find a suitable design to match the interior of the business. However, at the time of the design process, the business was not yet finished. So we worked with inspiration photos on a mood board to map out the style. We also aimed to deliver a website that had to be easily findable from search engines in no time.

How did we proceed?

The project went smoothly. During the renovation of the building, we at Groove were already busy thinking up a suitable design. Inspiration was drawn from a mood board provided by the customer. This mood board gave a clear impression of the intended atmosphere that the restaurant should offer. We continued this atmosphere in the website design. Dark shades of green with gold/yellow accents were chosen. This style looks modern and luxurious yet accessible and inviting.

After presenting the first designs, the men from Pand 33 were immediately satisfied with the set-up. The next step was to extend the designs to the development phase. By maintaining close contact with Ditmar, we were able to switch quickly. The website content was delivered quickly, which resulted in a successful project and cooperation. The objectives were met with flying colours.