Go To Market Recipe for Strijtveen & Wagenaar

Bonne Strijtveen & Kasper Wagenaar approached us with a clear goal in mind: to establish a strong digital experience through their own webshop. While their products were already successful on various online marketplaces such as Amazon and Bol.com, they sought to streamline operations and reduce costs by directly selling through their own platform. In this case we walk you through the steps we’ve taken to go from a clean sheet of paper to a top performing webshop in a matter of weeks. Not months…

Brand Sprint: Creating a unique identity

Because Strijtveen & Wagenaar were selling their products on marketplaces, they didn't focus much on building a brand. The products were selling well, because of its proven functionality, high demand and low competition. But now, to become a trusted authority with their own webshop, a unique brand is required. That's why we helped them create one through a Brand Sprint.

All within the scope of 1 week, we’ve established brand colours, created a logo and crafted a brand book that they can use as a guideline for future purpose. We used that same brand book as the starting point for the next sprint in the recipe, the Design Sprint.

Design & Build Sprint: Creating a unique identity

Following the successful completion of the brand sprint, our focus shifted to the Design Sprint and Build Sprint of Strijtveen & Wagenaars webshop for their brand Aaltjes Tegen Ongedierte. We worked closely with Bonne & Kasper, the owners, to make their idea become a reality and create an easy-to-use online store for their customers.

Bonne & Kasper shared their goals and what they wanted for their website during the Design Workshop on Monday and several check-ins throughout the week. With this input, our dedicated sprint team created a simple, yet crystal clear  webshop in Shopify. 

We paid careful attention to every part of the site to make sure it was easy for users to find their way around. This included everything from the overall design and color choices to the details of the product pages and the checkout process, all with the goal of keeping users engaged,encouraging them to make purchases and make sure they come back in the future when they need the product again.

Growth Sprint: Big Results in the first month through our Growth Sprint

As soon as we launched the webshop, we proceeded with the Build Sprint immediately. In this sprint, we designed and executed a growth strategy within a week's time. The strategy was simple: Launch Google Ads to start selling products as soon as possible, while working on the organic SEO strategy over time.

Our deliverables for during the Growth Sprint were:

  • Growth Blueprint
  • Implementation of the blueprint
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • 8 SEO blog articles
  • A dynamic Data Dashboard

The results

After completing the full Go To Market Recipe and going through the first month after launch it’s time to look at the impact we’ve made for Strijtveen & Wagenaar. Here’s an overview of some of the results of the brand new Shopify Webshop for Strijtveen & Wagenaar.

€6.500 extra revenue generated in the first month (March 2024)

In the image below you see how the store generated €6500 revenue in the first month after launching the website and Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns

High Performing Google Ads Campaigns

The majority of the orders came from Google Ads Campaigns. The screenshot below shows that spending €1530 on ads led to €5212 in sales, according to the data reported to Google Ads. Some other noteworthy metrics include the high conversion rate of 6.87% and an impressive positive ROAS (return on ad spend) of 3.41. This ROAS is calculated by dividing the total sales by the total ad spend for a specific period.

Moving Forward

With the first month behind us, we plan to continue optimising our campaigns to maintain or even improve our results. Additionally, we're shifting our focus towards organic growth strategies. This way, Strijtveen & Wagenaar can increase sales over time without increasing their advertising budget.