Trust Marketing is a fundraising and membership recruitment company founded on a passion for getting results. Trust Marketing now has 1,500 ambassadors who visit homes, trade fairs, events and shopping centres every day. Trust Marketing trains its ambassadors well, allowing companies to rely on them and achieve structurally good results. Currently, these ambassadors may already make a difference for more than 43 organisations.

Background information

Trust Marketing stands for results and the passion to achieve them. Trust Marketing had therefore been wanting to overhaul its website for some time. The previous website contained a lot of information, but was a bit lacking in overview and therefore also in results.

A plan had to be made on how the new website should be organised. The main focus was that the environments for ambassadors as well as for companies were easy to find, clearly laid out and that Trust Marketing's passion was visible.

Our solution

We proposed to design and build a new, fast and user-friendly website in Webflow. The process started with creating a design in Figma. After several meetings and adjustments to the designs, we arrived at a final result.

When implementing the solution, we used several technologies, including Figma, Webflow, Keap Pro from Infusionsoft to capture leads, and Cookiebot. The project took about three months in total, including one month for the preparation phase and two months from signing to launch.

New Webflow Experience

The new website is modern, dynamic and clear, with Trust Marketing's sleek colour scheme. Trust Marketing currently has 22 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For this reason, we have chosen

Visitors can now search and filter in the listings, so everything can be found quickly. In contrast to the old website, it is therefore clear and all aspects are easy for visitors to find, both the information for ambassadors and for companies. This makes it clear to both parties what Trust Marketing does, what is expected of its recruiters, and companies also know what to expect.

Future plans

On the website, we have also built a salary calculator, which serves as a lead generator. Visitors can enter their details here to get an indication of what they can earn at Trust Marketing. For the future, we plan to use this lead generator even more and combine it with Infusionsoft's Keap Pro.

Through advertising, we want to attract more visitors to Trust Marketing, thus getting even more people to fill in the salary calculator. Once it is filled in, we will have their details and can approach them again via email with KEAP. This will allow us to enthuse them one more time to sign up as ambassadors to support even more companies and charities.