About R&AA Properties

R&AA Properties is a unique real estate company in Dubai founded by three visionary entrepreneurs: Azaad, Ashik and Sharro. With their diverse backgrounds in interior architecture, business management and international law, they bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the field. Their shared passion for sports and determination to excel in the real estate industry has led them to take an "out of the box" approach. They strive to create lasting relationships and deliver quality over quantity, positioning R&AA Properties as a hidden gem in Dubai's vibrant real estate market.

The Project

Background Information

R&AA Properties, a prominent player in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) real estate sector, had a major challenge with their existing website. They previously worked with an Indian party, but it did not deliver satisfactory work. In addition, the website lacked scalability and the ability to showcase a multitude of real estate projects.

R&AA Properties therefore sought a reliable partner to revamp and improve their website. Their main goals were a quick launch of the new website and the integration of multilingual features. The website targets people interested in living or investing in Dubai or any of the other emirates.


We proposed to design and build a new, fast and user-friendly website in Webflow. The process started by creating a design in Figma, which immediately turned out to be perfect, allowing us to proceed directly to the development phase in Webflow.

When implementing the solution, we used several technologies, including Figma, Webflow, Weglot for the multilingual features, Keap Pro from Infusionsoft to capture leads, and Cookiebot.

The project took about three months in total, including one month of preparation phase and two months from signing to launch.

New website

The new website is modern, dynamic and scalable, with a fresh colour scheme of mainly blue and white with red accents. The website has many CMS collections, of which "Listings" and "Developers" are the most important.

"Listings" are the real estate projects available for viewing where customers can express their interest, while "Developers" contains information about the construction companies, such as Sobha, Emaar and Damac, which are partners of R&AA Properties.

In addition, visitors can now search and filter listings, and the website is available in six languages.

Unlike the old website, which was very static and did not use templates and a CMS, the new website was designed with long-term scalability in mind.

To optimise the website for search engines, we developed a proprietary crawler that creates a sitemap of all relevant pages. In addition, we implemented dynamic Meta Titles and Descriptions for all listings.

Future plans

Now that the website has been launched, we are busy setting up Performance Marketing campaigns in which the website will be an important tool. Moreover, the client will continue to optimise the website for search engines by posting new projects quickly, which will help in getting many links in the Google Index.