What is Get Streamed

Get Streamed is a subsidiary of Deventer-based film company Million Miles. Instead of film production, however, Get Streamed takes care of 'livestreams'. Thanks to the services of the Deventer-based company, online events, talk shows, concerts and lectures can be followed live.

What was the customer demand?

Get Streamed wanted to have a custom website live in a short period of time.

What was the specific goal of the project?

The goal was to have a website live within the shortest possible time frame according to the provided designs, which are in line with Million Miles Film's website.

How did we proceed?

Studying the designs

First, we studied the designs. The design and corporate identity were delivered in Figma, a design tool that we also use within Groove Digital. The designs, combined with the client's wish to integrate some custom animations and interactions, made the choice easy: this website had to be built in Webflow.


We built a page template that Get Streamed can build on in the future. The structure of the website consists of large blocks with simple layouts. The navigation menu is an overlay menu that pops up after a click on the menu button. Notably, this navigation menu had to match Milion Miles' navigation menu. We certainly succeeded in that.

Rotating text animation

The final finishing touch was the headline of the various pages. This had to display rotating text. Instead of using Webflow Anmiations for this feature, we chose to code a completely custom headline. By combining HTML, CSS and Javascript, we were able to achieve the desired result.