During the UGC Ads sprint we go from nothing on Monday to 8 finalised and ready-to-use UGC video’s by the end of the week.

Receive 10 unique and converting UGC ads for your product or service within a week

Rens Hageman

Creative Lead

UGC Ads Sprint


  1. 10 shorts or UGC videos of 15 to 30 seconds.


Decision Maker Availability

  • Workshop on Monday

  • Check-in on Tuesday

  • Shoot day on Wednesday

  • Check-in on Thursday

  • Presentation on Friday

UGC Ads Sprint

UGC Ads Sprint

UGC Ads Sprint

UGC Ads Sprint

UGC Ads Sprint

This is what your sprint will look like

Start a
UGC Ads Sprint

Concept Workshop

UGC Ads Sprint

On Monday we’ll delve deeply in the core of your business during our workshop. The goals is to get a crystal clear understanding of the product or service you offer, which problems your solving and for whom you’re solving those problems


Script Writing

UGC Ads Sprint

On Tuesday we take our findings from yesterdays’ workshop and start writing scripts for the user generated content videos. At the end of the day during the check-in there will be an opportunity to provide feedback.


Shoot Day

UGC Ads Sprint

On Wednesday we shoot. Together with creators that match your target audience we shoot all 8 scripts in one day time.



UGC Ads Sprint

On Thursday, we go full focus. We take the raw footage and turn it into engaging UGC content.. By the end of this day there’s a check-in with your decision maker. During this session there’s the opportunity to provide feedback.



UGC Ads Sprint

On Friday we start the day with an internal check-in to set priorities for the day. Then we get straight to work to process feedback received during yesterdays’ check-in. By the end of the day, we present the sprint results and discuss any possible next steps.


Don't just take our word for it

Groove Digital has been fantastic to work with! Their team is always professional, communication is quick and easy, and they've been on top of answering all our questions. Highly recommend for anyone in need of a solid performance marketing team!

Suzan Acar Tribeca Properties Dubai

Suzan Acar

Tribeca Properties Dubai

Expertise and attention to detail have really taken our online presence in Dubai to the next level. We highly recommend Groove Digital if you are looking for high quality Webflow Websites.

Azaad Azmi

R&AA Properties Dubai

Team Groove Digital does what they promise. In a tight one-week website design sprint, they completely rebuilt and ported our website. Beyond expectations, and we would definitely recommend them.

Pim van der Heide

Ghostwriting Agency

Groove designed a website that fits the atmosphere and ambiance we want to project as a restaurant. In this way, they proved to be involved with the customer.

egon van hoof restaurant mos amsterdam

Egon van Hoof

Restaurant MOS Amsterdam

Very short lines, eye for what a company stands for. Definitely not a 'one size fits all'. Pleasant cooperation and I feel a long-term partnership coming up.

jesper arkenbout FT Amsterdam

Jesper Arkenbout

FT Amsterdam

I finally found an online service provider that really helps! I'd rather keep this 'Gem' to myself, but I'm sharing it with the world because they simply deserve it!

robert van t blik potret Pincecone

Robert van 't Blik


Fast response, good communication and a relaxed working atmosphere made Groove Digital the right choice for us.

ditmar zuiderhoek pand 33 kleur

Ditmar Zuiderhoek

Restaurant Pand 33

Had my website developed by Groove. Straightforward contact, short lines of communication and a beautiful end result. I will recommend Groove to anyone looking for a professional website, they think creatively and come up with a suitable concept. Five out of five.

Jorn van Dijke YourContent

Jorn van Dijke

Your Content

Very good experience with this party, switch quickly and communication is very transparent. We are very happy with our latest website launch!

Kelsey van 't Sant Trust Marketing

Kelsey van 't Sant

Trust Marketing

Rens and team always deliver great work, for now I have only used the Webflow development services but this will surely change in time. I definitely recommend Groove Digital as a strategic web partner.

Siegert Thijsen


We worked with Groove Digital to implement Webflow and had fantastic support from the team. Groove Digital's efforts and knowledge have led to a wonderful integration between Webflow and our Shopify webshop. This integration has taken our customer experience to a higher level and has positively contributed to our conversion rates.

Mirthe Matthijsen

Edel Collections

Groove is excellent at translating your requirements into a product and they are very service-oriented.

Ivo Huiser Supoire Tours

Ivo Huiser

Supiore Tours

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