Kifid stands for Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening (Financial Services Complaints Institute). It is an independent foundation that aims to handle complaints about financial service providers, such as banks, insurers, mortgage advisers and asset managers. Kifid acts as a dispute committee between consumers and financial service providers and its role is to mediate and issue binding rulings in disputes between these parties.

Kifid was established by the financial sector and has a legal basis in the Financial Supervision Act (Wft). The handling of complaints by Kifid is free and low-threshold for consumers. However, it is mandatory that consumers first file the complaint with the financial services provider itself before they can file a complaint with Kifid.

Background information

Kifid Complaints Institute is an organisation that focuses on handling financial complaints. The existing user complaints portal was not in line with the house style and the user experience was not good. So the challenge was to improve it in a completely new design and align it with the website's house style. Kifid did not have the capacity internally to design a new portal and therefore sought help.

Main objectives of the project

The main goal of the project was to improve the user experience for people with financial complaints in the platform. The website's target audience is people who have complaints about financial services, such as when an insurance policy has not been paid out by the insurance company.


We proposed a complete redesign in Figma, creating designs for desktop, tablet and mobile. Working closely with the Kifid team, we created responsive designs in the branding of Kifid's main website and critically examined usability and user experience. We created prototypes of the designs where the Kifid team could provide feedback.

Tools & Technology

We used Figma during the project. This is useful because the front-end developers can view the exact layout from there, including CSS formatting. In addition, CSS, HTML and prototyping were used to optimise the website for search engines.


The completed project has as output a new design in desktop, tablet and mobile format, completely to the liking of the Kifid team. The delivered product is easily adoptable by the front-end developers. The new portal is a vast improvement over the old one, with an attractive design that is user-friendly and improves the user experience. The new website is now fully aligned with the corporate identity of Kifid's main website. With the improved user experience, Kifid's platform will better meet users' needs and handle their complaints faster and more efficiently.