Navigating GA4 in a language you're not comfortable with can be challenging. Fortunately, changing the language in GA4 is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you switch languages in GA4, ensuring you can analyze your data with ease.

Step 1: Access Your GA4 Account

First, you need to log into your Google Analytics account. Go to the Google Analytics website and sign in using your Google account credentials that have access to your GA4 property.

How to change language GA4

Step 2: Navigate to Admin Settings

Once logged in, you'll be directed to your GA4 dashboard. Look for the "Admin" gear icon at the bottom left corner of the page and click on it. This will take you to the Admin settings of your GA4 account.

Click on Accountgegevens

Step 3: Select Account Settings

In the Admin section, you'll see three columns: Account, Property, and View. Under the "Account" column, click on "Account Settings." This is where you can manage basic settings for your GA4 account, including the language preference.

Click on Mijn voorkeuren

4. Change the language Click on arrow_drop_down

In the "Account Settings" section, find the "Language" option. It might display the current language your GA4 account is set to. Click on the dropdown menu next to it to reveal a list of available languages.

Click on arrow_drop_down

Step 5. Type "english"

Type "english"

Step 6. Click on English (United Kingdom)

Click on English (United Kingdom)

Step 7. Save Your Changes

Click on Wijzigingen opslaan

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  • If you're part of multiple GA4 accounts or properties, you might need to repeat these steps for each one if you want to change the language settings across all your GA4 properties.
  • Remember that changing the language in GA4 does not alter the language settings of your Google account or other Google services. Those settings need to be managed separately.
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