What is SEO?

Simply put, an additional check, an extra step in the process of your online content and technology, so that search engines like to show your website as the top result in searches.

1. Peak performance website

SEO always improves your website, this is immediately noticeable. The SEO optimization routine helps with improved user-friendliness, design, and also with the loading speed. You should view your website as a technical part of the business. Such an 'optimized' website creates a positive feeling with visitors, which increases the chance that they will return

2. More and relevant visitors on your website

There is nothing more important than getting visitors to your website, so make sure you are found in Google! With the investment you put into SEO, you work according to Google's guidelines. We help you determine your keywords to get more visitors to your website or webshop.

We like to build and host websites at prices that no entrepreneur should be afraid of.

split test a/b test - Groove digital

3. Clear reports

The most beautiful thing about Digital Marketing are the three A's. A/B testing, Adjustments, and Analytics. Sorting and filtering, that is the crux when it comes to data. You are an entrepreneur and therefore you want the collected insights to be immediately usable for their work. The result?

  • Better understanding of who your target audience is
  • Creating relevant content
  • Sharper goal setting

4. Learn from mistakes

As an entrepreneur, you naturally want to know one thing; where does that next customer come from? What if the website functions as a customer magnet. Statistics show that an average of 14.6% close rate is achieved from SEO leads, compared to 1.7% of outbound leads.

Approaching 'cold' leads often results in lower conversion rates because the interaction is unsolicited. In other words, SEO helps to build better customer relationships and achieve a higher close ratio. Once you have SEO in place, the pipeline of leads opens and your cost per acquisition (CPA) decreases.

5. Local SEO

In this technology-dependent world, digital marketing is well on its way to becoming the best way to secure sales. 81% of consumers research their purchases online before making their final purchase decision, online or in-store.

You have probably experienced this yourself. You are watching TV and see a commercial that interests you. The first thing you do is look up the brand or company with your phone. To better connect with your customers, YOU also need to be online on those search terms! This is what SEO is all about!!!

An important advantage of SEO is that it attracts quality traffic. At its core, SEO is based on keywords, and by targeting highly specific keywords, you can target a very specific audience. This can help you reach people who are most interested in buying your products or services, in your city or region, where your physical store is active. Because of the highly targeted approach of SEO, there is a greater chance that traffic generated by SEO will convert your online browsers into customers in the store.

Due to the highly focused approach of SEO, the likelihood of traffic generated by SEO converting your online browsers into customers in the store is greater.

SEO is important for offline and online stores, but it offers some unique benefits for physical stores;

  1. A good SEO strategy can boost your in-store sales.
  2. SEO brings new customers who have never heard of you to your store.
  3. You can benefit from customer reviews.
  4. SEO helps your business grow locally.
  5. You can communicate more effectively with your customers.
  6. Get customers in the 'buying mindset' so they feel they need to visit your store to make a purchase.

6. User experience

Studies show that a visitor forms an opinion about your business and website within 5 seconds. So you only have 50 milliseconds to make a good impression. When people form an opinion about your website, it's very difficult to change that.

For every second that your page load time increases, your conversion rate decreases. So if you want to get the most out of your free traffic, you need to make sure your page loads quickly, in less than 3 seconds. 

Mobile optimized:

  • Loads easily on smartphones and tablets
  • Fast load time
  • No mobile pop-ups
  • Font large enough to read on small devices
  • Clear and simple navigation
  • Well-structured, user-friendly format
  • Adapted to screen size (no vertical or horizontal scrolling required)
  • Even contact forms can be filled out on a small screen
  • Call-to-action buttons are functional and easy to see

7. SEO competition plan

SEO is big, but it has not yet reached its full potential in the Netherlands. It is still growing in Belgium and is just beginning in France. If you ignore SEO for your business today, you will find it difficult to rank higher in Google search results and find online customers tomorrow. SEO ensures that you stay ahead of your competitors in the competition. You do this by closely analyzing and monitoring the keywords of your competitors.  This whole process of analyzing and monitoring offers you great opportunities to emerge as the strongest from the competition. After all, competitors do not sit still and in the world of online marketing, '