What Makes a Website Number 1 on Google?

Have you ever wondered why some websites rank at the top when you search for something on Google? SEMrush (experts in how websites rank on Google) have figured this out. They say it's not just about having the right words on your website, but also about making it easy and enjoyable for people who visit the site.

How Does Google Decide Who Ranks at the Top?

Google uses a lot of rules to determine which websites appear at the top of the search results. SEMrush has found that websites that load quickly on your phone and are easy to use often score higher.

Retention: Key to Google Rankings

SEMrush has found a new rule that Google uses. Websites that people find interesting and spend more time on perform better in the search results. This means it's important to not only have your website filled with the right words, but also to make it interesting and fun for visitors. This suggests that good UX is essential for achieving top positions in Google.

To make your website more appealing and engaging to visitors, consider integrating videos, along with engaging captions, on your landing pages. This not only increases the time people spend on your site, but also boosts your rankings on Google!

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Bounce Rate SEO Myth Debunked

Also interesting to read: bounce rate does not have as big of an impact on rankings as previously thought.

Previously, SEO experts believed that the bounce rate - how quickly visitors leave a site - heavily influenced Google ranking. This study shows that the bounce rate has less impact on Google's ranking than previously thought, with other factors also being important for SEO.

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