Four Tricks to Boost Sales and Conversion Rates on TikTok and E-Commerce

It's undeniable that we're in the TikTok era. Since its debut in 2016, TikTok has revolutionized social media, attracting users worldwide. With 3 billion downloads and 672 million downloads in 2022 alone, it currently boasts 50 million daily active users.

As TikTok is here to stay, businesses are starting to take advantage of its marketing potential. Here are four trending tactics that businesses can use to drive sales and conversion rates.

The Power of TikTok and E-commerce

To make an impact on TikTok, content should be intriguing, entertaining, and informative about products or services. This builds relationships with customers who gain trust in a brand by seeing visually captivating posts from representatives.

For optimal e-commerce success, it's important to focus on reaching out to existing followers through live streams, video shots, or fun filters. The more interactive and relatable your page is, the more it breaks down barriers between businesses and consumers, allowing them to communicate directly with one another and increasing sales or conversion rates for online stores via direct purchase in a post’s description box or profile bio.

Trick One – Use the ‘Yellow Basket’ Feature

The ‘Yellow Basket’ feature within TikTok is a powerful tool for online retailers to skyrocket sales, improving conversion rates for their e-commerce stores. Companies can redirect viewers directly to the checkout page instead of having numerous steps before purchasing.

By using advertising campaigns accompanied by the Yellow Basket feature, companies can create and customize carousels and add collections featuring items such as relevant apparel, electronic gadgets, or other appealing offers. This, coupled with creatives that have a strong call to action, will increase the likelihood of shoppers making purchases on your website.

Trick Two – Run TikTok Ads and Challenges

Ads on TikTok provide high-quality video creative with engaging end screens that create a visually engaging experience for the viewers. You can target by interests and topics, device type, location, age, and gender, making sure your ads are being targeted at the most pertinent users for conversion rate success.

Metrics such as purchase conversion rate and video completion are key to assessing the success of an ad on TikTok, allowing you to define KPIs for large-scale campaigns. Further influence comes through hashtags, seen in the challenge-driven brand campaigns that go viral, increasing engagement as users have a tangible way to interact with your brand.

Influencers on the platform have significant reach and can often directly showcase brands in a more engaging way than traditional ads. When looking for an influencer to hire, make sure they understand the product, fit your target demographic, have an established presence, and align with your brand values.

Aside from creating exceptional content, running contests and giveaways are also effective in driving sales. This shift from product-centric campaigns to customer-centric ones will make customers feel appreciated, increasing loyalty and higher conversions.

By following all of these steps, businesses can gain further engagement and product placement visibility on the platform, ultimately driving higher sales conversion rates for their online stores.