Want to easily spot your repeat customers in Shopify and send them a friendly email asking for a Google review? If you've got a suitable sized customer list then you can start requesting product review. This way, you can easily reach out to your loyal customers and ask them to leave a Google review, boosting your online visibility and reputation!

Follow these quick steps:

  • Head to your Shopify Admin.
  • Click on "Customer Segments" under "Customers."
  • Create a new segment using the filter "Number of Orders > 1" to find customers who've made more than one purchase.

Export the Segment:

  • Once your segment is set up, click on "Export."
  • Choose your preferred export format and download the list.

1. Click on Customers

Click on Customers

2. Click on Segments

3. Click on Customers who have purchased more than once

Click on Customers who have purchased more than once

4. Click on More actions

5. Click on Export

6. Select Plain CSV file

7. Click on Export customers

8. Click on 'Your export will be emailed to your email'

Export customer data from Shopify and it will be sent to your email adress.